Ted Hawkins

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Ted Hawkins, recently relocated here from the west coast, enjoys most all styles of tattooing, but specializes in Black and Grey realism, Bio-Mechanic, and Asian themed tattoos. Growing up in Japan exposed him to a culture known for it’s art and attention to detail.

After moving here from San Diego, he decided to open The Paradigm Tattoo in Kenmore, where he quickly outgrew the location. He then opened 125 Art Collective Tattoo Studio, which is located in the heart of Allentown in Buffalo NY.  Almost 4 years after opening 125 Ted and business partner Johnny decided to move 125 to a private appointment only studio to give clients a more intimate and detailed tattoo experience. 

Meeting his clients needs is his top priority, which is why he places a strong emphasis on working closely with his clients during the consultation/design phase of the tattoo process. ” I believe in a strong client/artist relationship, and I encourage an active back-and-forth dynamic, one where we can both bring ideas to the table in order to get the best possible result”, Ted says.

From small, detailed tattoos, to large scale full sleeves and backpieces, Ted is at home with projects of any scope.

“Clients should be comfortable and well-informed through the entire tattoo process, from the concept art to the healing and aftercare, which is why we have created a warm, comfortable, yet professional environment for our clientele.

I have been in enough tattoo shops that were too loud, too run down, or too snobby, and my goal was avoid these issues, while at the same time provide the best possible product and service I could.”

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