About 125

The 100 block of Elmwood is starting to step up its game. Renegade Rollergirls’ founder/coach Psyko Kupkake, and her tattoo artist husband Ted Hawkins (The Paradigm Tattoo), are opening a new tat studio and art collective in Allentown. The front of the expansive shop will be dedicated to funky socks (lots of socks), local art, handmade goods, vintage housewares, and fun sh*t galore, including pillows, flasks, and jewelry. The curiosity shop will also feature Dr. Frankensock – sock monkeys made with Billy Bob teeth and mix-matched eye balls. Weirdness… yes, it will be filled with lots of weirdness. But fun weirdness that everyone can get into. The products will change with the seasonality of the owners’ personalities.

The middle sector of the shop will be dedicated to the tattoo artists, starting with two, but built for three. Ted, who wears the next best socks in Buffalo, moved back with Psyko Kupkake from California a couple of years back, bringing with him a set of hands that have accomplished some pretty awesome tattoo feats.

Ted Hawkins has been featured in Tattoo Magazine, and published in several art compendiums, such as Excavate, and Pandaemonium. He is also the recipient of numerous awards on the tattoo convention circuit, including ‘best black and grey’, and ‘best realistic color’.

It should be noted that Ted, who is originally from Ocean Beach, San Diego, was motivated to move to Buffalo after he paid a visit and fell in love with Wegmans‘ beer and cheese selections, and the city’s affordable cost of living.

The back of the building is where the couple plans on building out The Gallery @ ‘125’. The gallery will encompass themed shows and artistic events. The space will be available for artists to do their own shows too. There will be a paint night, and painting activities for kids, as well as figure drawing classes. Ted and Psyko are hoping to add other classes when the space is finished.

“We’ve been talking about this sort of thing before we even moved back to Buffalo,” Psyko Kupkake exclaimed.“This space basically fell in our lap. We started looking, and a couple days later came across this incredible space that allows us to do so many things. Everyone local that I can think of has been helping us, and they can’t wait to see this place open. I wanted to be in Allentown or Elmwood because this was my favorite place to be when I lived here back in the day. It’s a great neighborhood for artists and creatives. If we want to involve the community, this is where we need to be.”